An illustrated directory of ecological transition initiatives to a sustainable society

An online platform bringing together economic transition initiatives, social and environmental worldwide, inspiring new models for a green economy in Switzerland.

This platform is based on a yearly ongoing research conducted by the NiceFuture team. In presenting these new initiatives, the G21 is designed to foster inspiration, the implementation of new projects in Switzerland and moving to concrete action.

A transition model involves a new system approach in engaging innovative practices that contribute to a sustainable society. Faced with the huge challenges of our century, initiatives are multiplying every day and grow with extraordinary dynamism. We live years of reinvention, true metamorphosis that are unique opportunity to experience a further development toward a desired future. Participatory economics, contribution, circular, transition areas are different models that nurture entrepreneurship and projects around the world. We believe that by highlighting and giving visibility to creative impulses, wherever they come from, beyond the executives, corporations and disciplines, these documented initiatives will fuel innovation and creativity Swiss.

The G21, participating and relaying this dynamic at a key moment, everywhere, holders of concrete innovations are revealed and together, want to share this knowledge.

This platform is an extension of the life-giving spirit of the G21, this year offering the available repertoire of ideas for innovation.


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