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On the occasion of the G21 Forum Swisstainability 2016, we will publish the second edition of NiceFuture Magazine. This ambitious project has an annual edition over three years to imagine and co-create a sustainable future in 2030, 2040 and 2050.

The first edition was dedicated to imagine a sustainable Switzerland in 2030 on topics such as finance, sustainable governance, energy and consumption. Our magazine was released at the G21 Swisstainability Forum 2015 and has received numerous praises, including from abroad thanks to its online free version. To continue the momentum of this first edition, a webTV in collaboration with The Visionautes offers the videos of the interviews conducted for the magazine. A new video capsule is to discover each week since autumn 2015.

For the second edition, NiceFuture tackles new and exciting themes such as Low Tech, agriculture and food, urban planning and architecture or education. Through this “NiceFuture Magazine 2016″, you will discover the views of entrepreneurs, politicians, government officials, journalists, philosophers, writers, creators and visionaries adventurers on what is already happening in Switzerland and what we need to do to build a desirable future. Many possible visions to ensure a leading position in the world as ecological transition model.

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