During the G21 Swisstainability Forum 2015, we launched a challenge that we want to continue with the stakeholders, businesses and visitors to the event: participate in the restoration of the Amazon rainforest by financing the planting of a “Swiss Forest”, called NiceForest. Where ? At the heart of the territory of the Surui native people, on the 7 September Land near Cacoal in the state of Rondônia, Brazil. This idea emerged after a wonderful encounter with Almir Narayamoga and Thomas Pizer in March 2015, following the publication of the book Corine Sombrun “Save the planet”.

We invite and everyone to support this ambitious project which aims to replant 10,000 trees. How? When purchasing your ticket to the event, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the amount of 15frs planting a tree. Every sponsored tree seedling is grown in nurseries and replanted on indigenous lands deforested and degraded, and followed for a period of 3 years by the indigenous peoples who inhabit the forest. The money is paid directly to the Surui indigenous peoples of the Amazon, to pay workers and buy equipment required for tree planting. Thus, the money raised not only helps to regenerate the forest and preserve our planet, but support the people of the forest to survive according to their lifestyle and their ancestral culture, supplementing the income generated by Fair Trade Resource from renewable trees (seeds, fruits, oils) and crafts. This allows them to continue living in their forest and protect the entire territory of 248’000 hectares. During the 40 years of their struggle, they managed to keep 93% of their forests untouched by fighting against illegal loggers.

In addition from the United Nations Development Programme sponsoring this project, Claude Nicollier and Raphael Domjan – two exceptional explorers adventurers – have joined this initiative also supporting the lung of the world.

    We will ‘amazonize’ the world by joining our minds and visions we create the critical mass necessary for a paradigm shift in the global society to ensure a future for our children.

    Thomas Pizer, Aquaverde


Plant a tree

Sponsoring a tree costs CHF 15.- € 15.- in Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Your donations are tax deductible in Switzerland.

You will receive a certificate number is A4 in the name of the person of your choice as a PDF computer file.

The money is paid directly to the account of Aquaverde then send there. Aquaverde is a non-profit Swiss association of public utility. Individual donations and the support of companies and institutions are the main sources of funding for Aquaverde reforestation projects.

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Almir Narayamoga Surui


with Almir Narayamoga Surui

The history of a people and the fate of a man who became representative of the cause of the indigenous people Paiter Surui and the safeguarding of natural resources of the planet.

The Surui Paiter is an Amazonian people. 40 years ago, they were more than 5,000. A legend said that one day a large snake would eat them. They saw advancing towards them in the form of the trans-Amazonian highway. Three years later, in 1971, there are less than 300 of these proud warriors, decimated by war and disease of the white man. But Paiter Surui have decided to survive. In 1974 born their future great leader. Narayamoga, “He who unites”. From the age of fourteen, he led a struggle for recognition of indigenous rights and the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.

In 1992, at seventeen, Almir Surui is chief of his clan. He was the first Surui Paiter to study at university. Biology graduate, Almir then engages in defending their ancestral lands against settlers and déforesteurs, which in 2007 placed an initial contract of $ 100,000 on his head. Backed by an environmental NGO, he fled to California where he wants to meet with leaders of Google and present the project: using Google Earth to show the rapid deterioration of the Amazon forest, the consequences for the environment of the entire planet those more immediate for the 400,000 natives of Brazil who still live there.

One day, while the shaman authorized me to enter his world, Forest said, ‘You, you are the future, so do not look behind you, forget the despair of the past, create the future, you are welcome home, walk without fear in my branches, wood in my sources, and remember, there is only to say: Let there be light! Forest and smiled at me.

Their territory, now recognized by the Brazilian state, is the area of the cantons of Vaud and Geneva together. Paiter the Surui have planted more than 45,000 trees with the support of Aquaverde, one by one, by hand, in a land which they consider to be the guardians of all humanity, and directing other indigenous peoples to unite and do the same. The voice of the Surui now resonates around the world thanks to their leader who decided to exchange bows and arrows against laptop and internet, much more effective weapons to save the forest.

Almir Surui today travels the world taking part in many international conferences on climate change and sustainable development. It is also responsible to present its carbon offset project. Because the Amazon rainforest is the largest reservoir of biodiversity in the world with 390 billion trees and 16,000 different species, Almir Surui asks the eco-conscious to buy carbon credits companies that could afford to fund protection the Amazon forest.

It also offers companies support the REDD + project that supports the “avoided deforestation” and allows indigenous peoples to preserve their traditional way of life.

E-mail Almir Surui Narayogama to Aquaverde in 2002

“I am head of a tribe in the Amazon and on your website you claim to support indigenous, can you help us reforest our land? Our planet is threatened by the lack of respect towards the forest and the creatures that inhabit it. This threat is real: to see, just observe the pollution of rivers, pastures in the transformation of all forests and forgetting the immense value of these. When the men cut and burn the forest, the sun, with its colors, we announced, warning us of the danger to animals and humans. When the sun blushed, what many find beautiful, we know that truth trees and animals are dying. The forest is the light of life for humanity and the Surui respect life. We see that this light is threatened by improvidence of men who forget future generations. We know that the forest spirits that protect animals are saddened by this disrespectful destruction of Mother Earth. This is why we reiterate that for the Surui people, the forest is valuable, it is part of himself. No one has the right to transform the whole forest into pastures and the sky into ashes! Or, as the Surui need the forest to survive as a people, as humanity can not do without. For if one does not change the forest operating modes to stop the destruction, it is the whole planet in danger of disappearing. That we have learned from our elders that Mother Earth has given us everything, life, health and the value of our culture, we say that we respect our land and our history. “

Thomas Pizer

First photographer, then with his Red Cross badge on the heart, Thomas Pizer lunged to rescue humanity in distress as a delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross. And this is how life has prevailed for a journey of 10 years in the throes of war. In 2000, Thomas realized he was ready for the great and final battle of his life: “Amazoniser the world.”
A major source of climate change today is the terrible deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. The only continent where he had never set foot has been called, and founded in 2002 Aquaverde to support the indigenous peoples of the Amazon in their struggle to save their cultures, traditions and lifestyles and their environment.

Corine Sombrun

Corine Sombrun has reported worldwide for BBC World and has published several books, including “Diary of a shaman apprentice.” She is passionate about indigenous worlds and intercultural dialogue. Recognized by Mongolian shamans as one of their Corine Sombrun is the origin of the first research protocol on the Mongolian shamanic trance by a neuroscientific approach.

In his latest bookSaving the planet“, she is the pen of Almir Surui Narayamoga to tell the story of a people and the fate of a man who became representative of the cause of indigenous Surui Paiter and backup natural resources of the planet.

Dr. Almir Surui Narayamoga

Dr. Almir Surui Narayamoga was born in 1974, five years after the visit of the first white man in the territory of indigenous Surui Paiter in the State of Rondônia, northwest of Brazil. He is the first member of his tribe to have studied at the university. political and environmental activist, he fought for the survival of their ancestral forest and saved his people from extinction by making him understand the value of their culture and their land. In 2008, Almir Surui received the Award of Human Rights in Geneva, and was ranked among the hundred most important people of Brazil. He is now considered one of the largest indigenous activists from South America. Victim of numerous death threats he received in 2012 for the protection of two bodyguards of the special forces of the Brazilian Federal Police. Narayamoga” means “one who unites” the Surui language