G21 Swisstainability Forum 1-2 juillet 2015 Lausanne

The platform for economy and sustainability in Switzerland

5th edition, 1-2 July 2015, IMD & HEP Lausanne

Le rendez-vous de
l'économie et de la durabilité
en Suisse

5ème édition
1-2 juillet 2015
IMD & HEP Lausanne

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This annual event is meant to be the platform for the economic transition in Switzerland. Its aim is to encourage meetings and collaboration between scientific, economic, and political actors and NGOs, to support the companies in their innovating and sustainable projects, and to showcase the best initiatives and innovations which will be the leading projects of tomorrow, always in a forward-looking spirit.

 a laboratory to reinvent our economic models with a sustainable society in mind.


 a platform to exchange best practices between decision-makers, researchers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and universities.

 a privileged space at the crossroads of many professional networks trying, each in their field, to change the world.

 a “think and do” approach combining applied research, experimentations on territories, and development of the decision-makers’ skills.

 a show-case of the world recent, most visionary initiatives, while focusing on the Swiss territory. Its purpose is to enable field experimentations and bottom-up thinking.


Two days of meetings and debates meant as levers of value creation by gathering international experts and economic, academic and political decision-makers.

Forum Entreprises

This forum has been designed for executives and project managers in SME, large companies, and other organizations willing to lead their company towards sustainability.

FREE ENTRY (registration compulsory)

Talks and débats

This forum has been designed for entrepreneurs and managers willing to discover the most innovative strategies for sustainability, to understand the future challenges in a forward-looking and visionary spirit, and to meet the thinkers and builders of the Swiss economy of tomorrow.


500 top managers, decision-makers, and international and Swiss experts (executives of multinational entreprises, political representatives, NGOs managers, academic researchers, professors)…


The objective is not only to understand the challenges and opportunities of sustainability at the company level, but also to guide decision-makers to help them implement appropriate measures in their own field of activity. To achieve this, professionals in this growing sector will be present to facilitate thematic conferences, share their experience, and present their activities.

Eight topics in sustainability will be addressed in sessions of three keynote speeches, which will each include a short presentation of the challenges, stories, and examples of concrete actions taken by companies. Lastly, a discussion will leave space for questions and dialogue between the different speakers.

Parmi les orateurs des précédentes éditions...

Chefs d'entreprises, penseurs, politiciens, créatifs et grands témoins, ils ont inspiré l'audience du G21
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Un événement organisé par
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