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The G21 is a double nod to the G20 Summit and the millennium in which this event will take place. Because today’s environmental and social challenges cannot resolve themselves without the involvement of the economic world, the G21 is the perfect opportunity to address sustainability and ethics. To build a more sustainable society, the collaboration between diverse sectors and economic leaders is critical. For this reason, the G21 offers a unique venue to exchange and debate these important issues.


Help to position Switzerland as a leading country and innovator in sustainable development.

Create a unique platform to exchange the “best practices” between different groups such as businesses, political groups, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Promote and consolidate pioneering initiatives that have the most impact in terms of today’s sustainable development challenges.

« This two-day event will include plenary presentations and opportunities to meet and share knowledge with leaders in the economic, scientific and social sectors that are working towards sustainability in Switzerland »


The conference, which will take place over two days, will offer numerous presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops and opportunities to share experiences.
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All participants are encouraged to visit the exhibits and the Ideas & Solutions Market as often as they like.

Finally, the networking opportunities and valuable exchanges are equally important for the success of these two days.


A sampling of the best ideas and innovations related to sustainable strategies in addition to projections and visions and a taste of the latest technological advances with concrete solutions directly applicable to the overall goal. The top leaders in the Swiss market will present their tools and solutions for sustainable development.

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Support and Promote Existing Models

This forum will present innovative tools and models that will permit sustainable solutions to be developed. It offers a unique opportunity to assemble CEOs; managers of small and medium-sized businesses; NGO leaders; public interest groups; and media, all under one roof. By uniting these groups, the forum will stimulate interactions and allow specific examples to be shared between different sectors and levels.


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